Outbound Development Programs / Reality Learnings

For our corporate clients we offer a variety of experiences that help empower individuals & teams. With structured and objective driven formats which involve and engage participants. Whether its just a fun filled outing or an experiential learning program. We facilitate all your requirements.

What we offer?
Outbound development programs / Reality Learnings - These training programs are   specially designed outdoor exercises and management games, where one learns as a result of direct, hands-on experience gained through guided exploration and problem solving. When individuals are fully engaged-physically, intellectually, and emotionally - in discovering information, they learn more... and they retain more.

Offsite Conferences - Outdoor/Adventure Conferencing entails taking participants away from the city environment to the outdoors amidst nature; with similar facilities and opportunity to value add with team activities and adventure.

Funfilled Adventure Retreat - The itinerary involves groups in adventure activities such as rafting,  trekking, cycling,  rappelling, crossing, kayaking/ designed to suit individual taste & budgets.

Incentives -  Introduce your star performers or your outstanding dealers to the invaluable joys of the outdoors. Give them an incentive trip with a difference

APPROACH Self Inquiry Methodology in Contrast with Knowledge Imparting Sessions Proposed sessions are designed with structured experiences that involve working together on tasks which are unfamiliar and which require a high degree of interdependence. Participants experience a powerful journey of self exploration, where they themselves discover, what their path is. Socrates can be considered as the father of this training method and he used this method to awaken people, throughout his life. He used to say "You value, what you discover yourself, not what others have told you"

★ Role Plays
★ Adventure Stimulations
★ Navigational Stimulations
★ Water based Activities
★ High Rope Activities
★ Real Life Project (Corporate Social Responsibility)
★ Art Simulations

★ We have a mix of empanelled and Associate Facilitators who have vivid backgrounds and experiences in the Industry and the Outdoors.

★ Our Outdoor Experts who are regularly trained in Outdoor skills, First Aid, Rescue, Group management, Client Service and Monitoring safety.

★ All the equipment used is of certified and top brands from the industry.

★ Be it outdoors or People or the Industry our specialized teams take keen interest to understand the reality, situations and needs. A deep study and understanding of influences and impressions of cultures, upbringing, behavioral patterns, systems, strategies etc.

Sites and locations play an important and interesting part in every kind of Outdoor and experiential programmes. Depending on the kind of groups and the objectives of the programmes, there are demands right from the most luxurious to the most adventurous sites and locations. The sites are identified locations that understand the sensibilities and essence of these programs, to enable a nourishing & enriching experience. We are in constant check with the safety, cleaniness, and support up gradation of these sites.

The options available are pan India
In West (Maharashtra) - Besides our campus CAMP WATER’s EDGE near Kamshet
other locations within 2 to 3 hrs proximity from Pune/Mumbai

In North we have locations in Himachal, Uttarakhand

In East we have locations in Sikkim

In South we have locations in around Karnataka

Our locations are defined by you and your requirements