Company Profile

Holiday Adventures a leading destination management and adventure specialist with over 12 years of experience in the industry, catering to vast range of clientele from the corporate and education sectors, as well as family adventure enthusiasts.

Our all-inclusive, no hidden pricing policy combined with customized creative itineraries, with a team of quality subject experts, associates, partners, trainers attracts people who have high expectations of their travel experiences. Itineraries & experiences to suit individual taste and budgets.

Holiday Adventures offers the following experiences under its umbrella :
▪ Camp waters Edge ( our Eco Adventure Campsite Near Lonavala Maharastra )
▪ Leisure & Active Holidays ( India ,Nepal, Bhutan and few international Destinations )
▪ Treks (Himalayan range and Western Ghats)
▪ Student Camps and Educational Tours.
▪ Corporate ( Offsite Adventures & Reality Learning's )

Why Holiday Adventures?
Experience of over 12 years in the industry working, with diverse client groups ranging from corporate, schools and family adventure enthusiasts, for "on-site" and "off-site" programs.
Transparent cost structure, with itineraries designed by experienced tour planners.
Well established supplier network of regional local support, associates,& partners, and capability to conduct programs pan India.

● To introduce urban individuals and groups to the joys of outdoor living and experiences.
● Respecting the local cultures, religion, heritage.
● Benefiting the local communities - economically & socially

To instil an understanding and appreciation for biodiversity and its conservation, and simultaneously develop personal and group skill sets that foster and nourish individuals to be one with nature.

Our Team

Be it outdoors or specialized adventure sports i.e. rafting, para-sailing, trekking expeditions our specialized team & experienced subject experts take keen interest to understand the reality, situation and needs of every individual.

An in-depth study and understanding of influences and impressions on environment, cultures, upbringing, behavioural patterns, systems are observed to avoid any disturbance to them.

All guides employed by us for the clients and groups are experts in the local area. Local guides accompany clients on activities and excursions, which are operated to the highest operational standards, including equipment and risk management.

Outdoor Co-ordinators/Experts
Our Outdoor Experts who are regularly trained in outdoor skills, first aid, rescue, group management, client service and monitoring safety.


Safety for Travellers & Campers
We are proud of our impeccable safety record and we ensure it remains so by strict adherence to safety rules, by using state-of-the-art equipment and by refresher courses for our operations team.

Certified & Experienced Instructors
team of Experienced & certified adventure instructors from diverse disciplines who are thoroughly trained to conduct outdoor training programs.

Doctor and First Aid
We have a comprehensive First Aid kit at the camp and we carry a first aid kit on all our adventure trips. A doctor on call and an emergency standby vehicle, every instructor is equipped and trained to deal with preliminary first-aid.

Gender Related
Separate tents and toilet areas for girls and a healthy mix of female instructors ensure comfort and address to their specific needs.

Our Properties & Associate Service Providers
We can assure you that every accommodation, transport and service offered by us and used by your clients adheres to all relevant local regulations regarding health and safety, particularly laws governing fire safety and hygiene.

Camps/Resorts Accommodation
Most of the Hotels / Camps used by us for your clients are identified & approved by our team. Fire/safety measures are pre requisites for getting approval from the Government to run this establishment commercially.

Some accommodation e.g. home stays, village houses, safari lodges etc. may not fit the above format - however we still can provide you details of each property, review it with regard to its safety, and advise you of any potential limitations.

This information is only provided once we take forward bookings. Where as for camping/trekking the clients are clearly communicated about the available facilities and the grades de-mystified.

The vehicles used are hired from reputed travel partners who comply with all local and national transport laws and fully insured for commercial use and provide maintained. In case of breakdown we arrange a replacement vehicle at the earliest to perform the service at no additional cost and avoid any significant disruption to the itinerary.

Insurance and Indemnity
Insurance during any tour is available on request and additional charge. Kindly correspond with the office for complete clarity with subject to your package. The individual participating in adventure camps or activities have to enrol and sign the indemnity forms. In case of any emergency we inform the families about the progress, and take the best possible action to ensure the clients safety in the adverse situation


Hi Naviin,
Thanks for the experience that we have gained from 2 days outbound activities with you on 21st and 22nd Dec.

Munjal Shah
Training Officer, Vadodara - SoG Region

Hi Navin,

Its been a great exp. with you at Nilshi camp, I have found it very useful in my life. I always have watched those activities in TV and had those fantasies to do that, but never got the chance to do adventures.

Anyways thanks for your wonderful support.

Mihir Kothari
Training Officer,
Navsari(Vadodra Region)

Hi Naviin,

Thanks for the experience that we have gained from 2 days outbound activities with you on 21st and 22nd Dec.

Warm Regards,
Jayant Rajurkar
Regional Training Manager

Its was a great experience, everone really encouraged each other at the climbing activity to help discover unbelievable milestones. Tent pitching was a brain storming activity where we gained insights on the gaps in teamwork.

Regional Training Manager,
HDFC Std Life

Hi Naviin,
Excellent experiences, well structured programs with lot of learning's and fun for everyone. Well managed with focus on the safety.
Learnt to challenge ones fears and move beyond, good team bonding, program was "just right" and overall an unforgettable experience achieved.


Hi Naviin,
A well organized program, with learning's and built in flexibility, your team was friendly, cooperative and professional. My team enjoyed every moment.

Manjiri N.
HR Head
HDFC Std Life

It was an enriching experience for the team, the activities helped us in bonding and great team work.

Rudra B.
Project Manager

It was fun and enriching experience, it helped our team to bond better, we discovered ourselves to be more interactive and cooperative. We definitely take back lot of learning's from all the activities we attempted i.e co-operation, proactive contribution... Overall Very Good!!

Kavita T.
Team Leader